Why is the Nano Intelligent Blackboard the Trend of Choice?

As a high-tech product, nano smart blackboard has been paid more and more attention. Why has nano smart blackboard become the trend of choice? The answer to this question needs to be explained both in terms of the effects shown by the nano blackboard and the problems actually solved.

Ⅰ. Nano smart blackboard is a "campus integration" solution

1. Improve the current situation of "the integration of multimedia and traditional teaching" in terms of hardware. The appearance of the nano smart blackboard completely mimics the traditional blackboard. The touch interactive screen of the Nano smart blackboard is hidden and embedded in the center of the blackboard. It is a pure plane design. The whole machine can be directly written upon with chalk. Teachers can play multimedia courseware while at the same time they can also directly write instructions on the blackboard, which perfectly combines traditional habits and modern teaching requirements.

2. Nano smart blackboard provides a convenient and easy-to-use micro-class recording platform. Only by installing high-definition cameras and wireless microphones, can each lesson of the teacher be automatically recorded and uploaded to the cloud platform. Teachers can easily check the video of their own lessons after class, reflecting on the deficiencies in their teaching. And the excellent teaching content can also be shared to more people through the cloud platform. Both students and teachers can download and use it.

Ⅱ. The teaching scene of the nano smart blackboard

Scene 1: Enter the classroom and one end of the classroom hangs a nano smart blackboard that looks exactly the same as a traditional blackboard. There are no redundant wires, projectors, sliding blackboards, and no bulky multimedia rostrum. The classroom is clean and refreshing, bringing the teachers and students a good mood for the day.

Scene 2: When the class starts, the teacher uses dust-free chalk to write on the blackboard, and the classroom remains clean and dust-free. When the teacher needs to use multimedia teaching, then turn on the nano smart blackboard. The central screen of the blackboard is lit, and the teacher directly plays the prepared multimedia teaching courseware. It is very convenient to write annotation directly with the fingers on the touch screen. When you don't need to use multimedia for teaching, lock the screen with one click and then return to the traditional blackboard.

Scene 3: After class, the teacher can watch the classroom video recorded by the high-definition camera and reflect on his teaching process, thus continuously improve and reach a higher teaching level; at the same time, the teacher can also enter the cloud platform to download the teaching materials that he needs, directly preparing lessons on the computer through the software; students can also watch the teaching videos recorded by the teacher and ponder over the parts that they did not understand in class.


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