The Impact of Interactive Flat Panels for Education on Teaching

The interactive flat panel for education promotes the transformation of the teachers' role from "leader" to "cooperator". The application of information technology applied into the teaching process can enable teachers and students to form a partnership, and students and teachers can also discuss with each other and learn from each other. Therefore, students' learning has changed from passive "listening" to active "participation", gaining knowledge through the cooperation of teachers and students.

Ⅰ. Interactive flat panel for education can save teaching time and increase information density in the classroom

In the traditional "blackboard + chalk" teaching mode, teachers sometimes need to spend a long time writing a series of long formulas and drawing graphics or images. With the aid of an interactive plat panel for education assisting teaching, teachers can save the time of drawing and erasing the blackboard spend more time and energy to teach more content to enrich the class and increase the density of classroom information.

Ⅱ. Interactive flat panels for education are conducive to cultivating students' creative ability

In class, the interactive flat panel for education that assists teaching can guide students to observe, think, guess and try, analyze topics from the perspective of multiple representations, and enable students to understand mathematics in depth. It stimulates students' inspiration for innovation and cultivates students' innovative spirit and practical ability. Through the vivid presentation, the combination of motion and stillness, and hands-on participation of the interactive flat panel for education, it has fully mobilized students' various sensory synergies, not only helping them clarify the ins and outs of knowledge but also making them master relevant knowledge and effectively training their observation ability and spatial imagination ability.

Ⅲ. The interactive flat panel for education helps to create teaching situations and stimulate students' interest

The interactive flat panel for education can organically arrange text, graphics, animation and sound together. It has powerful calculation and information processing functions. Extending, contracting, moving, rotating, cutting or patching the graphics through the integrated "electronic whiteboard" software can provide students with rich perceptual materials, visualize the content, enhance its expressiveness and stimulate students' multiple senses at the same time, thus enhancing their learning interest and stimulating their learning motivation.
The use of an interactive educational tablet teaching system can enable learners to learn interactively, which is conducive to student participation. It stimulates students' interest, helps students establish the connection between new and old knowledge, mobilizes students' learning initiative and enthusiasm, and makes students learn consciously. It should be said that the interactive flat panel for education has affected the classroom, but the classroom is also affecting the progress of "information technology"! It is hoped that in the mutual influence and promotion of the two, a true "fusion" can be achieved.


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