The Application of Digital Signage in Public Transportation

Digital signage is widely used in all walks of life, so what is the application of LCD signage display in the transportation industry? Let's take a look.

1. Digital signage notices in the transportation industry

Such as digital signage in airports, train stations, bus stations, buses, subways, etc., information of flight, ride navigation and multimedia information of other business, operation inquiries.

Traffic digital notice system is an important part of the highway traffic safety system, and it is an effective means for traffic managers to issue instructions or provide information to road users and ensure traffic safety in a timely manner. Once there is bad weather or traffic accidents and other special circumstances, which may affect the normal operation of the highway, traffic managers must timely release relevant information through variable information boards, variable speed limit signs and other equipment, with the implementation of traffic control measures. The main role of traffic LCD signage display is to assist in regulating the traffic flow on the main road and participate in traffic management and coordination.

Common digital signage traffic information distribution system is generally composed of fixed signs, variable information boards, variable speed limit signs, wireless radio stations, roadside wired broadcasts, etc.

Traffic digital signage system has experienced a longer development. However, due to various reasons, the main information dissemination system of expressway -- variable information board and variable speed limit sign are not only relatively small in quantity and single in function, but also some unreasonable in layout, which has formed a waste of resources to a certain extent and brought great inconvenience to the traffic management of expressway. Through some targeted improvements to the traffic information release system, the highway monitoring system can give full play to the role of "clairvoyant and clairaudience" to better serve the majority of drivers and passengers.

2. The airport digital signage notice

Passenger information system is based on multimedia network technology, with computer system as the core, and provides information service system to passengers through the wall LCD display in the station and car.

Under normal circumstances, the passenger information system provides real-time dynamic multimedia information such as travel information, service time, train arrival and departure time, train schedule, manager announcement, government announcement, travel reference, stock information, media news, live events, advertising, etc.; under abnormal circumstances such as fire, blockage and terrorist attack, it provides dynamic emergency evacuation tips. On-board equipment receives wireless transmission of information and processes it for real-time audio and video playback in the LCD signage display of train carriages. Passengers are guided by the correct service information to ride rail traffic safely and conveniently.


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