The Application of Digital Signage in Daily Life

1. Community digital signage notice

Community property information is mostly information that seems trivial but is closely related to daily life. In addition to various fee notifications and organization arrangements for community activities, it also includes various service introduction information. The traditional information release model is to print the information into a leaflet and send it to every household or post it in corridors, elevator entrances, community information columns and other places. This approach is a great waste of resources. At the same time, delays are often caused by the negligence of the residents, which greatly reduces the information arrival rate and low dissemination efficiency.

The tide of informatization has swept every corner of society, and also aroused people's higher requirements for housing. Digital and informatized communities will be an inevitable trend in the construction of residential communities. Digital signage can greatly improve the management efficiency of property work. It also means timely, comprehensive and rich information reports, high-quality and efficient information services, and a new community cultural atmosphere.

2. Digital signage notices in shopping malls or retail stores

Digital signage in stores has developed well in various regions, such as supermarkets, clothing stores, and mobile phone stores. Many large and even small shopping malls have chosen to support digital signage in stores. For the rapidly developing Shanghai, the competitiveness of digital signage in stores is not small, and product quality and technology research and development are increasing at different speeds.

3. Digital signage for schools

In addition to the strength of the hardware facilities, the image construction and display of the school need to show the energy and image of soft power. The multimedia information release system of the school can be like an open window, so that more people can see the whole picture of the school, such as : The history of the school, the development history of each department, the story of celebrities, the introduction of key disciplines, the introduction of the national key laboratory, the visit of leaders, etc. Many information showing the school’s elegance can be digital signage for the entrance of the main building, prominent public areas, etc. Real-time publicity and display are carried out in schools venues, so that freshmen and visiting social groups can understand the school better.

Digital signage for schools has a lot of information that needs to be transmitted within the school, such as knowledge, teaching information, curriculum information, teaching management information, etc. The school information publishing system can display different content on different occasions, facing different audiences, and at different times. Facing students of different grades, display the content of course arrangement information, advanced deeds, student selection, teaching results, emergency notices, famous sayings, etc., to achieve targeted information transmission. Facing faculty and staff, release management information, conference information, selection of excellent teachers, work dynamics, and daily life information.

4. Restaurant digital signage

It is the most difficult time to wait for the waiter to serve you when you go to a restaurant on holidays. Restaurants generally need to hire a lot of waiters, but there are two common phenomena: first, even if there are many waiters, there will always be situations where there are no one to serve you when there are many customers, and the second is if the business is relatively high. When it’s light, the waiter has nothing to do. In the face of this dilemma, the best solution is to use an ordering system. You don’t need too many waiters. As long as you choose the food on the wall lcd display, the menu will be sent to you. After the kitchen is finished, someone will deliver it to the guests’ table. Whatever the guests need, they can operate on it. This kind of restaurant digital signage can save guests ordering time, increase the fullness of the guests, and also allow the guests to order more dishes, bringing huge economic benefits.


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