Several Major Application Places of LCD Advertising Player

In the past two years, with the rapid development of the advertising industry, LCD advertising players have been widely used. Compared with traditional advertising forms, LCD advertising players have really given us a lot of choice. We can customize the functions of LCD advertising players. As a result, multi-functional advertising machines such as advertising machines, query machines, and WeChat printers named after functions have appeared.

The appearance of the lcd ad display can also be upgraded to appear in various forms: touch all-in-one machine, network advertising machine, indoor advertising machine, double-sided advertising machine, which can be customized according to customer needs. The following will share with you several major applications of LCD advertising players.

Ⅰ. LCD advertising player is used in shopping malls

Advertising machines in shopping malls are usually placed in a more prominent position in front of the mall or inside the mall to display their advertising content to customers, so the advertising machine models in large shopping malls are relatively large, and the image quality is relatively clear, In order to ensure that the advertisement is displayed in place in the case of large traffic, and can better attract customers to stop and watch.

Therefore, a large number of companies have launched advertising machines suitable for shopping malls, including large-scale vertical LCD advertising players, double-sided and three-sided advertising machines with a sense of technology, and even touch-all-in-one machines that can directly perform shopping operations. Demand will affect the market. In the next few years, advertising machines used in large shopping malls are believed to continue to be innovated and upgraded.

Ⅱ. LCD advertising player is used in subway/high-speed railway station

We often take high-speed trains and see a large vertical LCD advertising player at each entrance at the station. In places with large passenger traffic such as high-speed rail stations, the advertisements we can generally see in high-speed rail stations are nothing more than the following two:

1. Physical stores, large and small stores are arranged on the aisle in turn, or cushion advertisements on the waiting seats, any form that can create advertising benefits for businesses will be adopted and applied.

2. Display types, including huge LCD advertising screen, and a small number of splicing screens, but more LCD advertising players of different sizes are seen in high-speed railway stations. It is precisely because passengers need to wait in line, so most of the advertising machines are placed at the entrance, so that the effect of advertising can be fully achieved.

Ⅲ. LCD advertising player is used in elevators

We may not pay attention to the elevators we usually take, but if we look closely, there will always be more or less advertisements inside the elevators.

The space is relatively large, and the elevator will have hanging advertising machines. If the space is small, it may be in the form of posters. However, in general office buildings or corporate elevators, some small vertical LCD advertising players are often seen, generally ranging in 40 and 50 inches,, the main target groups of these advertising machines are mostly office white-collar workers, and the advertising content is mostly life, group buying, and travel, with some technological elements in it.


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