As technology developing, more and more electronic devices come out with interactive functions, by implementing the latest interactive technology, Champion developed a full range of interactive display boards during it's 14 years development.

Types of Interactive Display

  • Conference Interactive Whiteboard
    Size various from 55” to 86” with IR touch / PCAP touch technology ,Champion interactive conference whiteboard brings high efficiency and more fun to your meetings with practical accessories.
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  • Education Interactive Board
    Interactive gives more fun to teaching with Champion education board,with different functions implemented interactive education board brings more attraction from students to the content.
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FAQs of LCD Interactive Display

  • What touch technology does Champion use for interactive display?

    Champion can implement all touch technology for customized requirement, for interactive display board, we can use IR touch, Capacitive touch,SAW technology, By using different technologies we can meet various of interactive requirement from customers.

  • What accessories we can get from Champion for interactive displays?

    For customers with special requirement on some functions, Champion offers different types of accessories for customers, such like project, racket, camera, touch pen, micro-phone, OPS for conference whiteboard and education display board.

  • Does any other usage for Interactive display boards?

    Yes, when we call them as "conference interactive board" it only means they were more commonly used for interactive conference, for any usage it suitable, they can be introduced in.

  • Does Champion run some promotions for some special festivals?

    Yes. Champion runs several promotion sales through the whole year ,for more details you are always welcome to contact us.

Solution of Interactive Display

We concentrated our focus on interactive technology with advertising to get the best and most practical usages for customers. For commercial / business area or for education area. Champion interactive conference board and education interactive board found their ways to shine themselves in scenarios where customers using them. Customers can implement useful accessories to make their conference / teaching more interesting and fun.

Customers are using different advertising devices not just in the first scenario we designed them for ,for many restaurant ,metro stations and also airports etc customers also using wall-hanging interactive whiteboards to display inf or for some useful functions such like navigation system or checking kiosks etc.

With various of advertising formats ,all the interactive display boards bringing contraction from the crowd which give customers reasonable steam to advertising their product or services.

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