Champion develops its business from floor standing advertising digital signage displays, as time goes by, we turn from just assembling the LCD advertising display for customers to our own designs, by gathering a talent design engineer team, Champion now has a strong design capacity for both indoor and outdoor LCD advertising screens with its own thin,  fashion design and practical usage also reliable quality, we offer customized designs for each scenario application no matter touchable or non-touchable, indoor or outdoor.

During our development, regarding digital media display screens, we got quite a lot of praise for our considerate design details, good pre-sale and after-sale service, cost-effective solution, and scenario application. Advertising signage screens were widely used in the Exhibition center, plaza. Shopping mall, Training Center, Traffic control center, Museum,  Airport, Metro station, Restaurant, and Hotel, etc.

Types of Floor Standing LCD Advertising Display

FAQ of Floor Standing LCD Advertising Display

  • What are digital kiosks?

    Interactive digital kiosks are developed for many different retail or consumer purposes. Some public facilities now include an interactive kiosk display to help visitors access information, such as in parks or railway stations. Retail interactive touch kiosks are often seen in busy shopping areas, where digital information kiosks can help provide product or store data. The music store may include an interactive digital signage kiosk with touch-screen technology where users can browse the sounds of new albums on sale.

    Champion is a professional digital kiosk manufacturer in China that has various types of digital kiosks for sale. We offer high-quality digital display touch screen kiosks at a cheap price/cost.

  • What is the difference between vertical digital signage and TV?

    A vertical digital signage display is very different from a TV. A TV has many functions itself which makes it able to be used alone. However, a vertical signage display is more like a huge display for computers. It needed to be used together with additional support or input.

  • What is the purpose of vertical LCD display?

    A vertical lcd screen can help you communicate with people in your store, hospital, market, or public facilities such as parks, hospitals, subway stations, etc. It can show the information you want to present to the public.

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