How to Make LCD Advertising Player More Attractive?

Nowadays, smart advertising all-in-one devices of various styles are widely used, so how to make their advertising content stand out from all kinds of advertising information and attract the public's attention is the most troublesome problem for many advertisers. Our company will share a few key points with you.

Ⅰ. Personalization of LCD advertising player

Nowadays, many advertising messages are very popular and are not customized for specific audience groups, but the audience groups can be clarified. For example, if the advertising target is a student group, set keywords and visual effects of popular social media content. Targeted design of advertising content can effectively get more attention.

Ⅱ. The uniqueness of the content of the LCD advertising machine

People are usually more likely to pay attention to unique things. Therefore, the information content that needs to be played on the LCD advertising machine is uniquely designed, which is sensory and exciting, so that the audience can discover and remember.

What needs to be reminded is that in order to let the public remember the content of the advertisement, it is best to add some storylines when creating the advertisement, and the advertisement product cannot be endlessly promoted. The content needs to be prioritized; if each information point is designed in this way, the most Important information will be overwhelmed and watered down.

Ⅲ. The interactive function of LCD advertising machine

Advertising carriers are also a very important part of media release. There is a powerful and innovative advertising carrier that is now valued by advertisers.

For example, adding a smart power bank function to a vertical LCD advertising machine to increase the added value of the product. It also allows the LCD advertising machine to not only be a device for advertising, but also achieve human-computer interaction. When someone touches the screen, the screen will change to the information query interface. When no one is touching, it will resume to the advertisement playback, which greatly enhances the value of the touch LCD advertising player.

Shenzhen Champion New Media Technology Co., Ltd, as a leading manufacturer and scenario solution provider in the commercial advertising market, focuses on the design, production and sales of a full range of LCD digital signage products, such as floor-standing signs, wall-mounted signs, and LCD video walls, magic mirror, interactive touch table, multimedia kiosk, outdoor advertising player, transparent 3D holographic display, etc. And they are widely used in supermarkets, hospitals, subway stations, shopping malls, exhibitions, airports, railway stations, hotels, etc.


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