Application of Digital Signage in Public Services

What are the applications of digital signage in public services? Let us find out together.

1. Digital signage notice on bank private network

The digital signage system is a set of multimedia information publishing system established by using the bank's internal proprietary network platform to replace the previous electronic display screens by installing wall LCD displays and playback terminals in major business halls. The main functions are as follows: Finance Real-time release of information, such as interest rates, foreign exchange rates, funds, bonds, gold, financial news, etc.; financial knowledge, electronic wealth management, banking business introduction; employee training: training content can be pre-delivered to various broadcast points, and flexibly arrange training according to branch, sub-branch or various business halls; internal or external advertising platform of the bank as new value-added service carriers; conduct corporate culture promotion, enhance brand image.

2. Digital signage announcements in the medical industry

The digital signage system is mainly a set of multimedia information publishing system established by using the enterprise network platform inside the hospital by installing large screens and playing terminals in prominent locations. The specific application analysis is as follows: the promotion of disease knowledge and common sense of health care should be carried out in different departments, such as describing the details of the daily life of patients with diabetes and heart disease. Special outpatient clinics and departments are introduced to increase visibility and facilitate patients to seek medical treatment. Authoritative doctors and experts introduce it to facilitate the targeted diagnosis of patients according to their needs and shorten the time for consultation. The publicity of new drugs, therapies and new medical instruments and equipment facilitates patients to understand medical trends and to see a doctor, and improves the economic benefits of the hospital. Emergency, real-time information or notification interruption, registration and emergency information can be released quickly, thereby improving work efficiency. Navigation for medical treatment: Display the electronic map of the hospital, which is convenient for patient consultation and treatment. Provide remote centralized training for hospital staff, and conduct business or other learning anytime, anywhere. Broadcasting the image films and product advertisements to shape the brand image of the hospital. Promote the concept of healthy life, advocate good living habits, and achieve the role of public welfare propaganda. Scenery movies or other programs that are beneficial to patients are broadcast to regulate the emotions of patients and create a good atmosphere for medical treatment.

3. Digital signage notice in business hall

Business halls usually refer to business outlets with a large scale, a large number, and a wide range of distribution. For example, China Unicom Mobile and other large operators are distributed across the country. They mainly focus on customer service and payment. The LCD signage display in the business hall includes Image publicity such as internal information release, training, sales promotion services, and external public advertising operations.

4. Digital signage notices for government and corporate buildings

The digital signage system is a set of multimedia information publishing system established by government agencies or large enterprises by installing wall display screens and broadcasting terminals in prominent positions in office buildings to release corporate internal information and external publicity images. In this way, a platform for cultural promotion and a window for brand demonstration can be established.

5. Digital signage announcements of chain institutions

In chain institutions such as chain supermarkets, pharmacies, cosmetics, housing intermediaries, catering and other large chain institutions, the establishment of a digital signage system can not only publish advertisements, but professional advertising operations can also realize internal information sharing and business training.

6. Digital signage notices in large-scale exhibition centers and competition venues

Digital signage systems usually use existing large screens or newly built screens in large-scale exhibition centers or competition venues as terminals for multimedia information display. Through this system, live events of competitions or large-scale events or the release of relevant real-time information can be broadcast live.


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